Book Care

Lesson Resources:

Shelf Markers in the HPC Library

Lesson Plan
Vimeo Video (4:31) using shelf markers at


Other videos: How to use a shelfmarker in the libraryand Sammy the Shelf Marker

Library Manners
YouTube video (1:58 minutes)

I care statements:
1. I can ask for help in the library.
2. I can read your book quietly.
3. I can use a soft voice when talking in the library.
4. I can be gentle with the book, when you are reading it.
5. I can be a good library helper, and use your good manners in the library.

K-2 Interactive Lesson (using ActivInspire)

Show this page on the whiteboard, and have students follow the
directions on the page. Students will use an ActivInspire pen/wand to record their choices.
Worksheet (adapted by J.K. Stover)

3-5 Book Care PowerPoint
3-5 BookCare PPT.png

Animals Should Definitely Not Borrow Library Books

Lesson Plan & PowerPoint adapted by J.K. Stover
Book Care Slides and Cooperative Learning game
(print slides 24-39, as handouts, to play the Quiz Quiz Trade game)

Book Care Promise Letter (English)
Created by J.K. Stover

(Spanish) Translated by J. Gallegos


Book Care Lesson from the 1950's (10 min.)

Just for a portion of this video to 3-5th grade students and staff.

A teacher friend sent this to me. Read the subtitles carefully. (2:46 min.)

Medieval Help Desk (with English subtitles)

How to Take Care of Your Library Book- video Mrs. Stover (4 minutes)
Online at:
Story Re-telling Lesson: Use props to prompt the students as they retell the story from the video,
(with appropriate pauses for discussion) about book care rules.
Lesson Resources: book bag, picture of the family pet, bookmark, scissors,
crayons, soap/towel, juice cup, pencil, storage basket.

Online Game:

Lesson Resources:
Other considerations:

K-1 Lesson
Read: Mr. Wiggle's Book, by Paula Craig and Carol Thompson (Waterbird Books, 2004)
Worksheet:"bookworm coloring-writing"