This site will help your class talk about current events and issues and how they affect our lives. Do you understand everything that was said in the news articles you read? What's significant about these issues? How might they affect you personally? Do you have an opinion regarding the issues you've read about?

There are games, a news section, book blogs, election information, lesson plans, message boards, and videos. The site is nicely divided into four sections: Teaching Resources, Student Activities, Books & Authors, and Connect (message boards and such). Within those sections, the content is broken down into ages and subject. A personalized page option is coming soon.

KIDS.GOV is maintained by the Federal Citizen Information Center, but it has much more than just info about the government. The site links to more than 1,200 government agency, school, and other Web sites that cover topics such as careers and math. The links are neatly split into three groups for different audiences: grades K-5, grades 6-8, and educators. Within each section, the links are listed as either being government sites or "other resources" -- sites published by news organizations like the BBC, museums, and more.

This educational site includes a wide variety of topics and activities that kids will be into -- and probably have to know for a school report or test. Some things could definitely upset a K-2 student, but the site does a great job at warning you if there's anything to worry about.

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government
Bill of Rights Institute
Vote Kansas
If you were President?
YouTube video Electing a US President Plain and Simple

Just for Fun

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